Wearable Computing Lab 16/17

this semester's students investigated the problem of dry eyes and dry throats in these two projects:


Smart Mug

The intention of the project is to turn a standard mug into a SmartMug by mounting the developed SmartMug case on the bottom of the mug. Several applications based on its fill level can be executed on the Android APp.

source: https://github.com/martin-dold/smartMug


Twinkle Twinkle / eyeDrops

Our idea since then was to build a blink detection system that recognizes the user's lack of blinking when sitting in front of the computer. With a distance sensor that is monitoring the eye and a custom-built software the user of our wearable will be stimulated to blink by blurring the computer screen.

source: https://github.com/benthie/wearables-praktikum

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