Wearable and Networked Embedded Systems, Seminar, 4 ECTS, 2 SWS

Contact: { kristof , pscholl } @ ese.uni-freiburg.de


In this seminar, a set of papers will be discussed in groups on current topics in the research fields of wearable and networked embedded systems. The goal is to train students' skills to read research papers, present the knowledge that they distilled from them, and write up a short survey paper. Each group reads papers on a certain topic, and presents their progress every two weeks -- these presentations are evaluated by the other students. At the end of the semester, this work is summarized in a survey paper. The report of last year's seminar can be found here.


We are mostly keeping to papers from these conferences: ISWC, UbiComp, Sensys, EWSN
Use these tools to explore cited and citing papers from there: Google scholar, Allen AI's Semantic Scholar
or these listings to get access to papers: ACM DL, IEEE Xplore, DBLP

Basic information

The kickoff meeting will be held on the 18. April 2016 14:00 in SR0034 Building 051.
Meetings will be held every Monday onwards, at 14:15 (14:00 c.t.), in SR0034 Building 051
The template for the final report in SIGCHI proceedings format: Latex, or.. Word, Sample PDF
We strongly recommend writing your report using ShareLatex.

Presentation Schedule
time 02.05. 09.05. 23.05. 30.05. 06.06. 13.06. 20.06. 27.06. 04.07. 11.07.
14:15 1 3 2a 2b 1 42a 3 1 2b
14:45 2a 4 1 3 2a 2b1 4 2b 3


1: FPGA-based pattern recognition
2a: Networks of Wireless Displays
2b: Networks of Wireless Displays
3: Wearable and Situated Assistants
4: Mobile Cessation Support
x: extra content

Slides and guidelines from the Kickoff Meeting (18.04.2016) and mid-semester (27.06.2016):

Weekly presentation scores:

These plots show averaged questionnaire scores given by the audience after each talk. Note that these scores are not used in the grading, they are solely for feedback.

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