Wearable Computing Systems, Lab course / Praktikum, 6 ECTS, 4 SWS

Organizers: Phil Scholl, Marc Pfeifer, Benjamin Völker, Kristof Van Laerhoven

Course Description

The lab course "Wearable Computing Systems" offers a hands-on experience with a range of novel miniaturised computing platforms such as Android Wear devices, Google's Glass, Intel's Edison, Arduino modules, and many more. Students will tackle the challenges of designing and constructing a wearable system in groups of 2-5 persons. Some possible project ideas are given by us, but students are encouraged to develop their own project ideas as well.

Websites from previous editions of this Lab Course: WS1415, SS15, WS1516

Available hardware components can be checked here: Lab Course Hardware

The kickoff meeting will be held on the 20. April 2016, all meetings will happen in SR0034 Building 051 at 14:00


20.04.2016: Kickoff Meeting

27.04.2016: Forming of groups, selection of topics

04.05.2016: Group presentations: Introduce your topic, work plan, division of tasks, and backup strategies

11.05.2016: Lab time, Q&A

18.05.2016: Lab time, Q&A

25.05.2016: Lab time, Q&A

01.06.2016: Lab time, Q&A

08.06.2016: Mid-Term Presentations: Show what works, report on what needs to happen, evaluate your work plan

15.06.2016: Lab time, Q&A

22.06.2016: Lab time, Q&A

29.06.2016: Lab time, Q&A

06.07.2016: Lab time, Q&A

13.07.2016: Lab time, Q&A

20.07.2016: Final Presentations: Demonstrate what works in front of all faculty members and students
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